FR5 Hard Epoxy Glassfiber Laminated Sheet

Short Description:

  • Thickness: 0.3mm-80mm
  • Dimension: 1020*1220mm 1020*2020mm 1220*2040mm
  • Color: Light Green
  • Customization: Processing based on Drawings
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    Product Description

    This product was laminated by the high temperature and high pressure with electrician used alkali free glass fiber cloth impregnated with special epoxy resin,it belongs grade F heat resistance insulation material.It has high mechanical properties under medium temperature,and stable electrical performance under high temperature .It is suitable used in mechanical,electrical and electronic as the high insulation components.It has high mechanical strength,thermal state mechanical strength,fire resistance,heat resistance and humidity resistance.

    Compliance With Standards

    In accordance with GB/T 1303.4-2009 electrical thermosetting resin industrial hard laminates - Part 4: epoxy resin hard laminates, IEC 60893-3-2-2011 insulating materials - electrical thermosetting resin industrial hard laminates - Part 3-2 of the individual material specification EPGC204.


    1.High mechanical properties under midium temperature;
    2.Good electrical stability under high temperature;
    3.High Mechanical strength
    4.High mechanical strength under high temperature;
    5.High heat resistance;
    6.High moisture resistance;
    7.Good machinability;
    8.Temperature resistance:Grade F;
    9.Flame retardant property:UL94 V-0



    Used for mechanical, electrical, electrical equipment as insulation components, and used in transformer oil and wet environment.

    FR5 compare to FR4,the TG is higher,the thermostablity is grade F (155 degree),our FR5 has passed the test of EN45545-2:2013+A1:2015: Railway applications - Fire protection of railway vehicles-Part2:Requirement for fire behaviour of materials and components.and be approved by CRRC, we start to supply FR5 to CRRC from 2020. If you have any questions please contact us.

    Main Performance Index

    1 Density g/cm³ 1.8-2.0
    2 Water absorption Rate % ≤0.5
    3 Vertical bending strength Normal MPa ≥380
    155±2℃ ≥190
    4 Compression strength Vertical MPa ≥350
    Parallel ≥260
    5 Impact strength (charpy type) Lengthway no gap KJ/m² ≥147
    6 Bonding strength N ≥6800
    7 Tensile strength Lengthway MPa ≥320
    Horizontal ≥240
    8 Vertical electric strength
    (in oil of 90℃±2℃)
    1mm KV/mm ≥14.2
    2mm ≥11.8
    3mm ≥10.2
    9 Parallel breakdown voltage(1 min in oil of 90℃±2℃) KV ≥40
    10 Dielectric dissiption factor(50Hz) - ≤0.04
    11 Insulation Resistance Normal ≥1.0×1012
    After soaking  for 24hours ≥1.0×1010
    12 Combustibility(UL-94) Level V-0

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