347/347F High Strength Epoxy Glassfiber laminated sheet (Thermostability is grade F)

Short Description:

  • Thickness: 0.3mm-80mm
  • Dimension: 1020*1220mm 1020*2020mm 1220*2040mm
  • Color: Reddish brown
  • Customization: Processing based on Drawings
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    Product Description

    This product is a laminated sheet which made with processed non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the backing material, by hot pressing with grade F benzo oxazine resin. It has good mechanical and electrical properties,and flame retardant, especially has high mechanical strength retention and excellent electrical properties under high temperature.Suitable for grade F motor and electrical equipment as high quality insulation structure , has the advantage of good machinability and wide applicability in the similar products.


    1.Good mechanical and electrical properties;
    2.High mechanical strength retention and
    excellent electrical properties under high temperature;
    3.Moisture resistance;
    4.Heat resistance;
    5.Temperature resistance:Grade F;
    6.Good Machinability and wide applicability
    7.Flame retardant property:UL94 V-0


    Compliance With Standards

    In accordance with GB/T 1303.4-2009 electrical thermosetting resin industrial hard laminates - Part 4: epoxy resin hard laminates.

    Appareance: the surface should be flat, free of bubbles, pits and wrinkles, but other defects that do not affect the use are allowed, such as: scratches, indentation, stains and a few spots.The edge shall be cut neatly, and the end face shall not be delaminated and cracked.


    The technical data of 347F is similar to FR5,Suitable for grade F motor and electrical equipment as high quality insulation structure.

    Main Performance Index

    347 347F
    1 Density g/cm³ 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0
    2 Water absorption Rate % ≤0.5 ≤0.5
    3 Vertical bending strength Normal MPa ≥440 ≥400
    155±2℃ ≥280 ≥250
    4 Compression strength Vertical MPa ≥350 ≥300
    Parallel ≥260 ≥200
    5 Impact strength (charpy type) Lengthway no gap KJ/m² ≥147 ≥129
    Horizontal no gap ≥98 ≥77
    6 Bonding strength N ≥7200 ≥6800
    7 Tensile strength Lengthway MPa ≥280 ≥240
    Horizontal ≥200 ≥180
    8 Vertical electric strength
    (in oil of 90℃±2℃)
    1mm KV/mm ≥14.2 ≥14.2
    2mm ≥12.4 ≥12.4
    3mm ≥11.5 ≥11.5
    9 Parallel breakdown voltage(1 min in oil of 90℃±2℃) KV ≥45 ≥45
    10 Dielectric dissiption factor(50Hz) - ≤0.04 ≤0.04
    11 Volumn Insulation Resistance Normal ≥1.0×1012 ≥1.0×1012
    After soaking  for 24hours ≥1.0×1010 ≥1.0×1010
    12 Combustibility(UL-94) Level V-1 V-0

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